Custom made reversible Space Totes/Purses (see below)

Space Earrings 

Astronomy Fabric Baby Book (see below)

Space Stickers (see below)


   14K gold filled fish hook earrings -  $14.99 (posts are 14k gold filled, Saturn is antique looking gold colored)

   Sterling Silver fish hook earrings -  $14.99 (posts are sterling silver, Saturn is antique looking silver colored)


        Custom made Reversible Totes with an Astronomy Theme



     Chose from 4 different fabrics above.   All are reversible w/solid quilted on inside.  Small planets have light blue quilted (see inset), lg planet have black quilted fabric(3rd pic) inside and space one has solid black quilted inside.   All have a pocket inside as show on the black quilted.   Size is 11"h x 11.5"l x 3"w. All are  $34.99  (Sm planets, lg planets, space - tote)

Custom sizes are available - please email size interested in for a price quote.



Space Glitter Stickers

   Package of 57 pieces total-19 of each color - includes set of glitter purple, glitter gold and glitter silver.  Click on picture to enlarge. (stickers-1) $4.50/package