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Feel free to browse around.  If interested in any of the fabrics please email me at hs3980@nc.rr.com with fabric and quantity and shipping address.  I will promptly give you your total with shipping costs.  Purchase 1 yard or all.  Your choice. (click on pictures to enlarge) Payments can be via Paypal (confirmed shipping address only) or Visa, Mastercard or American Express.



Cherished Teddies Seasons Border        Cherished Teddies Seasons Allover

                  3 yards @ $15/yd                                                        3 yards @ $10/yd

Cherished Teddies Strawberry Lane Double Border

              double border (see pic above and below)


Cherished Teddies Strawberry Lane Double Border (2yd x2pc)

sold out

2 yds of above (strawberry lane double border with 2yds x 22" of  attached of the watering can strawberry border above - $30 for all (2yds x 45" (both borders)  and 2yds by 22" (watercan border)  attached)

Cherished Teddies Strawberry Lane Cameo 

                     3 yards @ $10.00/yd


   Singing In The Rain Border


            Singing in the Rain Allover   Butterflies                                       Daisy Kingdom 4201

                        (click pic to enlarge)                                                                Sizes 3-6 @ $5

                          3 yds @ $10/yd

               Singing in the Rain Stripes

                      2 yds 6" @ $10/yd

              Summer Bonnets Double Border Blue

                                    3 yds @ $12.50/yd


             Summer Bonnets Double Border Black

                                  3 yds @ $12.50/yd


                     Cherries allover - (picture on right)

              matches the blue summer bonnets fabric

                                           6 yds @ $7/yd

 School Border Fabric   2.5yds @ $22.00 Total



   Raggedy Ann Back to School Fabric                 Daisy Kingdom 9436

                    6yds    @ $10/yd                                                  Sizes 5-8 @ $5



                  Raggedy Ann Friendship double border

                         2yds @ $12.50/yd  and

                         4 yds @ $12.50 yd


                          Raggedy Ann/Andy allover

                             4yds @ $9/yd

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