Welcome to Kathy's Fabrics.  

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Feel free to browse around.  If interested in any of the fabrics please email me at hs3980@nc.rr.com with fabric and quantity and shipping address.  I will promptly give you your total with shipping costs or will gladly list it on eBay.  Purchase 1 yard or all.  Your choice. (click on pictures to enlarge)



                           4.5 yds  @ $6/yd

Daisy Kingdom Scotty Dogs double border (other side  has smaller version)                                      

                          3yds @  $13/yd


Blue plaid (to coordinate to  the blue scotty dog border above)                                      

                1 yd @  $6/yd


       Daisy Kingdom Black double Border                                   

                           3 yds @ $13/yd


       Daisy Kingdom Scotty Dog Vinyl coated (matches above)

                              3 yds  @ $13/yd

       Daisy Kingdom Scotty Dog Allover

   (Matches Scotty Dog Black Border Above)

                          2 yds @ $10/yd

                               Scotty Plaid

                            2 yds @ $10/yd

                        Daisy Kingdom Pooh toile                                    Matching Daisy Kingdom Pooh Toile Fleece                      

                                  4 yds @ $10/yd                                                               2 yards @ $18/yd



                             Pooh & Piglet Toile                                                              Matching Pooh & Piglet Toile Fleece

                            3 yards @ $10/yd                                                                                 2 yards @ $18/yd


         Pooh & Friends A Walk in the Park                     Pooh & Friends A Walk in the Park Fleece

             3 yards @ $10/yd                                                               2 yards @ $18/yd         

                                       Pooh & Friends Border Fabric

                                        6 yards @ $12.50/yd



                Daisy Kingdom Pooh Double Border

                              6 yds  @ $12.50/yd


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