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I am A computer Tech from way back. What is being sold here is a gaming computer for playing older dos games that are incompatible with modern computers and operating systems. You know the problem. Over the years components and computers keep changing and so do operating systems. Gaming ports found on older computers are no longer on newer ones and the the OS does not support DOS. The problem is it is almost impossible to keep an old gaming computer going because of a lack of components and the truth is the older computers were notoriously incompatible with the games even made during those times. And to make the whole matter worse every sound card and driver in these old programs worked sporadically in most programs at best and rarely worked in any programs at worst. You name it: Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland, Ad Lib, SoundBlaster Pro, SoundBlaster, mono, SoundBlaster, ESS technology, Windows Sound System, Waveman, etc. You pick and configure trying to find one that actually works. In comes the perfect solution. Over the years I have owned hundreds of different systems and many, many laptops. By sheer luck and experience I have stumbled on the perfect combination of laptop computer with standard gameport (very rare), with a Pentium Pro 200Mhz speed (Great for DOS games) along with all the sound and video drivers (the video drivers have to be built into the video card (known as VESA local BUS (VLB))) and have to be accompanied by extremely well written software drivers for sound. Let me tell you what you will get. A Pentium 200 laptop with a standard gameport, Soundblaster Pro Soundcard (easily configurable from Irq 5 or 7) which should make any program happy along with a port address of 220, and DMA selectable of 0 or 1. Again this can be tweaked in bios in the laptop and has a beautiful software overlay for tweaking your sound. This is loaded in autoexec.bat and satisfies virtually any program from programs that look for raw hardware characteristics to sound software emulations. I have played and tested the following games on this system and many, many more: All wing commander games including Prophesy and Secret Opts. All play beautifully on this system with good frame rates, and it was Played with a joystick - perfect game experience. . Screamers I and II - good frame rates at high resolution. Epic Pinball the entire collection including Crash and Burn - perfect game experience. Star Wars, Tie Fighter both dos versions and windows 98 versions with a joystick - perfect game experience. And other games too numerous to mention going back with games compatible with computers that were 386 40mhz on up. There is another virtue to this particular type of laptop system I am using. Most laptops were not designed to run full screen in resolutions lower than 800 x 600. So they usually get put into a smaller window. Bottom line this laptop system runs everything in full screen mode unlike other laptops like my similar era Toshiba's that run in a much smaller window. Laptops back then were for business and quickly stop supporting DOS resolutions once Win95 came around. What this system is designed to do is to play all of your older DOS games except the oldest made to run on 088 and 286 systems which were not speed corrected. So any 386 or later DOS games should operate beautiful on this system. Also it has the needed gameport which DOS game simulators must have.- NOT found on many other laptops of a similar time period or later. This system has been tested with a beautifully configured Windows 98 SE and tons of 98 games that operated perfectly. I absolutely loved playing the original classic Asteroids and Super Asteroids as well as Missile Command that were "PERFECTLY" faithful recreations of the arcade classics. Also Wing Commander I and II that had been ported to Windows 95 with improved sound quality and speed corrected. These systems make a fantastic Windows 98SE platform. With DirectX 9 compatibility. In conclusion this system is my staple Windows 98 and DOS platform that has never disappointed me yet. Computer and sound driver compatibility with DOS games are outstanding. I have never installed a game to have it not work or lock up or be without sound. This includes games with large mem requirments since the UMB areas are perfectly configured for 586k of conventianal mem and over 600k when excluding cdrom driver (important for pre cdrom games that need the 600mb+ mem. It has all the components you might need to run your applications including a CDROM, and standard DOS gameport. It comes with restore DVD you might need to restore your system in case of a HD Crash. The good thing about laptops are they are frozen in time and they always use the same hardware. If you get this system you will likely never have to mourn your unplayed DOS games again. Shipping is $30 for priority mail w/delivery confirmation and insurance. (((((PS: The info above should appeal to the Tech Savvy Dos gamer and you understand you are not just buying an old computer for Dos games-- but rather a perfectly configured system that took years to perfect and configure. I have seen people looking all over the Internet for solutions to the problems that have been addressed here. They even have XP and Vista DOS emulators that work on some games but fall way short of the game quality that a true dos environment can give. It may be impossible to get a system that will work with every conflicting piece of Dos software from 1990-96 but this system comes very close. If you are a fan of the Mid to late Dos 5-6.22 and windows 95-98se period and the games of that time, then you will never have another chance like this. There are a limited # of the systems available like this one. And they are difficult to put the piece source together. So like many good things these will soon go away. But I will make them available until I deplete my sources.)))))
















































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