All New and All Aluminum.

Kowa Highlander eyepieces

The prices below are for each eyepiece.

4.5mm(Kowa45)$249 60deg  10mmER

5.0mm(Kowa50)$249  60deg 10mmER

5.5mm(Kowa55)$249  60deg 10mmER

6.0mm(Kowa60)$249   60deg 14mmER

6.5mm(Kowa65)$249  60deg 14mmER

7.0mm(Kowa70)$249   60deg   14mmER

8.0mm(Kowa80)$249 60deg  15mmER

9.0mm(Kowa90)$249 60deg  15mmER

10mm(Kowa10)$249 60deg  15mmER

14mm(Kowa14)$249 60deg  15mmER

15mm(Kowa15)$249 60deg  15mmER

18mm(Kowa18)$279 65deg  19mmER

19mm(Kowa19)$279 65deg  19mmER

20mm(Kowa20)$279 60deg  19mmER

24mm(Kowa24)$279 55deg  20mmER

26mm(Kowa26)$279 50deg  20mmER

28mm(Kowa26)$279 50deg  20mmER

14mm(Kowa14)$249 60deg  15mmER

15mm(Kowa15)$249 60deg  15mmER


.   This series has been redesigned in 2016. It now uses Aluminum construction.


We do complete alignment and Cleaning services for the Apogee / Miyauchi/ Kowa / BT and other Binoculars. Prices for cleaning and alignment starting at $99

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Oring compression fit used simialar to Miyauchi


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Focal length of your Binoculars below.

Kowa 32x82 F.I. 450mm F.L.

























































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