Superior Performance and Performance + 1.25" Eyepieces

Here are some reviews that have been done on the Siebert Optics standard eyepieces.  Click here.  here or here  

Brass eyepieces for your Brass telescope (remember brass eyepieces are heavier.)  Brass add $30 to eyepieces below.

See our UT Monocentrics and Planesphere eyepiece line. Click here.

****All Eyepiece are  threaded for filters*****


"These are a continued evolutionary improvement of the older standard Series. The same design with improvements to ER and edge quality."

9mm and 10mm

These are Computer generated 3 element design eyepieces. These are FMC coated. The combination of fewer elements and FMC coatings gives these eyepieces some of the best light transmission properties possible.  FOV is 60 degrees  They are threaded  for light filters.

$49. 9mm (EP125-9) Fixed eyecup 10mm ER

$49. 10mm (EP125-10) Fixed 10mm ER

$79. 14mm (EP125-14) Adjustable Batwing 15mm ER

$79. 15mm (EP125-15) Adjustable Batwing 15mm ER

$79. 16mm (EP125-16) Adjustable Batwing 16mm ER

$89. 17mm (EP125-17) Rotating 16mm ER

$89. 18mm (EP125-18) Rotating 16mm ER

$79. 35mm (EP125-35) Fixed 25mm ER  --Best used F5 or over.

 Brass add $30*



9mm and 10mm Below.



35mm performance series.


$79. 35mm (EP125-35) Fixed 25mm ER  --Best used F5 or over.




































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