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We sell ---Dos/Window 98 ---Laptops and Computers

We will custom make one from Speeds of P1 90mhz to P3 1ghz and P4 up to 2.4ghz. All Dos and Win95/98 ready according to the Laptops avaliable.


CAll 919 553 3980 or Email harrysiebert@nc.rr.com


Computers like optics are my passion. I never stop playing with this technology. I fine the older are the most kindred. Once you have one of these Older machines with all the old games you like you will have it is like an entertainment companion you will need tire of.

Even though not all Laptops are the same the ones I sell all have some of the same things in common. They have been gone over and optimized to play Old Dos and Window 95/98 games with excellent compatibility.  These games are still available and are some of the best games ever made even after all these years. Emulator are not very good on many of these  games. These Laptops play them the way they were meant to be played. I leave most of the Software and games on the Laptops and will tell you how to get very inexpensive copies of any games you might want.

Laptops have their strength and weaknesses spelled out. Some will do everything well in both Dos and Windows 95/98 and other will specialize in Dos or Win95/98. This site is to be a one stop shop for the machine and even games you might want. I can answer questions and make recommendations.

Dos and Window 95/98 need to be understood which is an art that many have lost.

So look on this page for Laptops for sale and if you have a preference let me know. I have many Laptops. Ask what is presently available. I am selling some on EBay right now. Ask here and you will be the first to get the Best Machines

These Laptops are not dirt Cheap but will be guaranteed to work for you the way you would expect. And you WILL have fun with them.



















































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